about our new dream!

remembering our roots...bringing our dreams to life!

We started hosting monthly educational classes in our little alpaca barn or in our home (season depending). It became a huge success and we branched into school field trips, workshops and more. The faces of the children who attend our events are priceless. Most have never experienced anything farm-like before or have even been around dogs! So, this is a low impact introduction into the farm life. 

Through all of these wonderful events and community outreach, we have realized that we need to take the next step on our farm.

We need to build an Event Center Barn!

The weather in our beautiful region of the Palouse is unpredictable. Though we love it, it makes hosting all of these events so difficult when we cannot provide enough shade or shelter for our brave attendees. They still come, prepared for this weather guessing game, but, what an amazing thing it would have a large event barn on a farm! Something that is very much needed not just on our farm, but, also in our region for all. 

Our goal is to have farm-to-table dinners, agriculture-related seminars and classes, more workshops, and ideally become a wedding venue destination! It would help us promote agritourism for the alpaca industry, more agrieducational events,  wine tastings, and allow us to give back in more ways to our region.


The Barn at Four Mile, needs YOUR help in making this dream a reality! It's estimated to cost around $300-450, 000 for the style and size we want to accommodate (up to 220 guests).

It will have a kitchen, bathrooms, a loft/bridal suite, a beautifully open floor plan, and a large patio where guests can just relax in the shade! It's going to be gorgeous and look right out into the rolling hills of the Palouse. 

Help us "Raise the Barn....without the blisters",  we need your help financially, for now!!!


If you'd like to help contribute to our dreams, please visit our GoFundMe page to learn more and help us "Raise the Barn" financially!